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We’ve streamlined the printing process for teams, schools and organizations.

Handling a print order for a large group, team or organization can be a real challenge. You’ve got to get everyone’s orders, organize them into quantity per size, collect money, and then place a master order, and you’ll always have a few stragglers that won’t get their orders in on-time.
We make it easy for groups like teams, schools, companies and events to order branded garments and gear. Our system allows for individual ordering of a group’s gear, with lots of flexible options, and even a solution for add-ons after the orders have been completed.

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    Get in touch

    First, contact us to setup your organization in our system. We’ll ask you a few simple questions, and help you pick out your products.

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    Set up payment

    At Two-Eight Printing, you decide how you want to pay: everyone pays for their own stuff, or your organization pays.

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    Spread the word

    Distribute a link to your custom portal on our online store to your team, company, or participants.

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    Submit your orders

    Everyone orders their own gear on our website. Orders must be submitted by your predetermined deadline to ensure on-time delivery.

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    Printing & Delivery

    Once we’ve received your orders, our team begins processing and printing all your gear. When it’s ready, we’ll arrange pick or delivery.

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Fundraising packages

Maximize your fundraising potential.

Two Eight Printing offers organizations and clubs a way to raise money while building awareness for their cause.  We streamline the process for easy fundraising, allowing organizations to focus on achieving their goals rather than spending time organizing the process of fundraising: no more dealing with vendors, order forms and deliveries.

Contact us today to learn more about fundraising with Two Eight Printing.

Ready to get started?

To get started, contact us and we’ll help you choose products, prep your artwork, and get the word out about your brand, team or organization.

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